how to generate free QR code for payment

Payments are essential part of our life when we buy something we need to pay and we are moving to a digital digital yuga where we are moving from traditional payment to a new digital payment system. Everyone has to adopt this digital platform which makes payments is here for everyone this avoids keeping coins or keeping changes every time for small amount of transaction you do.

Everyone is evolving and even the payment systems are evolve and we must adopt the new payment methods that is very helpful for every human being. At a simply clear that we are implementing up I payments for every transactions we do so it is important to know how to do UPI payments and everyone must know how to create they own upi QR code or payment link.

Follow the steps given below to generate your own payment QR code or payment link:

Go to then you have to fill the form which is display along with your upi ID and your name then click on generate this will generate and upi QR code using which any customer can pay through any UPI apps and amount paid will be directly credited to your bank which is linked with your upi ID.

if you are owning any shop then you can simply print the QR code and stick it on your shop where the customer can do the payments directly.