How to secure your UPI payments?

UPI became essential payment method in India. There is no question that it will be fully implemented in near future and there will not be any physical cash transactions around the globe.

when it comes to payments, you always have to make sure that your payments are secure. So how do you do it?

Follow these instructions to make secure transactions:

  • Never ever show your UPI pin while making a payment, make sure no one is around peeking your phone.
  • Never ever enter a pin to receive payments. Remember! You are entering pin just to make payments not to receive payments. If someone is asking to enter pin to pay you money then never ever enter it.
  • Do not install any apps outside the play store.
  • Do not use any screen-sharing app while doing UPI payments.
  • Always keep your apps up to date by updating new updates from play store. It is recommended to keep the auto-update feature enabled on your play store app/iOS app.
  • Always check the receiver’s name before entering your UPI pin. When you scan a QR code please make sure you are sending an amount to the right person also make sure that the payment amount is correct.